The Legend of Ahmed

Treasure hunt in Dubai

Will you solve the Legend of Ahmed and recover the gold?

Once upon a time, before the UAE was founded, there lived an young Arabian pearl fisher and sea explorer named Ahmed. Ahmed had a heart full of adventure and a longing for the mysteries that lay beneath the surface of the sea. He spent his days sailing the vast Arabian Sea, searching for undiscovered treasures and hidden secrets.

One sunny morning, as Ahmed's dhow cut through the sparkling blue waters, he noticed something unusual. A glimmer caught his eye—a faint reflection of golden light dancing on the waves. Ahmed's heart skipped a beat as he realized that he had stumbled upon a large amount of gold. His excitement knew no bounds.

But fate, as it sometimes does, had different plans for Ahmed. A sudden storm descended upon the sea, sending colossal waves crashing against his ship. The violent tempest tossed the vessel mercilessly, causing it to succumb to the sea's treacherous power. Ahmed and his crew fought valiantly, but the ship was lost, along with the precious gold.

As Ahmed became older and started a family, life moved on. But he never forgot about that day where he made his discovery. Determined not to let his dreams sink to the depths, Ahmed turned to the legends of his ancestors. They spoke of a hidden fortune, waiting patiently to be discovered in plain sight along the coast somewhere what we now know as the city of Dubai. According to the tales passed down through generations, the gold lay submerged beneath the turquoise waters, just off the shore. Ahmed became obsessed with returning to this spot but was a father now and didn’t want to leave his family behind. Instead, he told his story many times to his children and grandchildren, hoping they would complete his quest, turning his story into a legend of itself before he peacefully passed away, among his loving family. 

Many years later, with Dubai growing into the vibrant city as it is today. The legend remained just what it is, a legend. Now a days only a few people know about Ahmed’s story. If should be an easy grab if the story is true! The problem however is that The Dubai coast guard vigilantly patrols the area day and night, making it impossible to approach by boat. However, new explorers fascinated with the legend of Ahmed where not be deterred. 

They devised a daring plan —scuba diving to the treasure and recovering the gold underwater.

Equipped with the necessary gear, a new expedition team set off on a perilous mission under the cover of darkness. With each breath they felt the adrenaline surge through their veins, pushing them forward. The sea embraced the team like an old friend, its mysteries unfolding as they delved deeper into its embrace.

The team swam stealthy, carefully avoiding the watchful eyes of the coast guard. The team descended into the depths, guided by the moon light filtering through the water. The silence enveloped them, broken only by the sound of their own breath and the distant rumble of the waves above the team.

As they explored the underwater world, they encountered a breathtaking spectacle—a vibrant coral reef, teeming with life. Schools of colorful fish darted around him, as if welcoming the team into their domain. Yet, the team stayed focused on their mission, scanning the seabed for any signs of the hidden treasure.

After what felt like an eternity, eventually the team spotted something glimmering amidst the coral. As they swam closer, their hearts pounding with anticipation. There, nestled between the corals, lay the long-lost gold. It was even more magnificent the legend described it — a treasure beyond compare.

With great care, the team collected the scattered gold, placing it into a special case. The weight of their discovery was almost overwhelming, but they knew that this was the culmination of following the clues of Ahmed’s, extraordinary journey. The legends had come to life before their very eyes!

The team however did not anticipate that the treasure was so large they couldn’t bring it to the surface in time before their air supply ran out knowing that a straight accent would be futile because the Dubai coast guard was watching the area.

Among returning from a long underwater swim, that felt like it would never end, bringing them to safety, the team resurfaced back onto the shore of Dubai and discussed options. The young team had a hard time to keep their findings quiet and rumors started to spread about gold found of the coast in Dubai, especially as they took 2 ingots as proof since there where a lot of people that didn’t believe this. Once people saw the gold, the tale spread like wildfire, captivating the hearts of many. People marveled at the courage and determination of finding this treasure. The legend of the Arabian sea explorer who triumphed over the sea's mighty obstacles became an inspiration to all who heard it.

The clock is ticking 

As more people started making plans of their own. The gold was right there! But how to retrieve it? In this case, it meant, the finder takes all. A lot of the equipment that was used to find and recover the gold was left behind in a rush to get back to safety. Who will claim this treasure?

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