Memberships (coming soon, please contact us if you are interested)

Memberships are designed to get the most out of your training and join our community. Instead of having a fixed amount of time for your training, you can book time with us in the pool at will, to continue your education at your pace. Done with training? Enroll in a different course and only pay for the digital learning materials*

We will also have Family Plans. 

We are open from 08:00 till 22:00 every day. A membership is perfect for after work or school activities. 
You could compare it to a gym membership including a personal trainer for a monthly or annual fee. 

Please note: We are currently testing our memberships with existing Members. They are not available for purchase yet.

Standard Membership

AED 4000/Annually

  • Open Water Diver Pool sessions free of charge
  • Free practice pool sessions on our club night
  • Free Enriched Air Nitrox Course and Certification (including Digital Learning)
  • Free Science of Diving Course and Certification (only pay for the Digital Materials)
  • 1 Free SCR Rebreather Try dive.
  • Free React Right First Aid Training + CRP & AED (only pay for the Digital Materials)
  • 10% Discount on continued education

Premium Membership

AED 5000/Annually

  • Everything that includes the Standard Membership, plus:
  • Full Open Water Course Free of Charge
  • Any specialty course that requires pool training / education free of charge. (Only pay for the Digital Materials)
  • 50% Discount on gear rental (Open Circuit SCUBA Gear, including dive computers and cylinders)
  • 25% Discount of rebreather rental (Mares Horizon SCR)
  • 20% Discount on the Mares Horizon SCR Course 
  • 15% Discount on courses for continued education
  • 15% Discount of gear purchases (with one of our partners)
  • 5 Free monthly air fills, if you have your own cylinders.
  • Discount on Nitrox fills
  • Discount on Club Trips to Dahab, Egypt

Professional Membership

AED 9500​On-time Payment

  • Everything that includes the Premium Membership, plus:
  • FREE PRO Training up to Assistant Instructor!
  • Possibility to earn money when you assist with courses!**
  • Teach your OWD Pool sessions independently!***
  • Learn to be a real instructor and conduct your own training!
  • Teach your own SSI Specialty Courses!****
  • Prepare yourself to become an SSI Open Water Instructor

Why Standard Membership make sense:

  • Open Water Diver course (Pool only) = AED2,500
  • Nitrox Course = AED850
  • Science or Diving course = AED750
  • SCR Rebreather Try Dive = AED850
  • React Right First Aid Course = AED650
  • 10x Free Pool access on our club nights!
  • 10% Discount on continued education 

Why Premium Membership make sense:

  • Full Open Water Diver course = AED31250
  • Nitrox Course = AED850
  • Science or Diving course = AED750
  • SCR Rebreather Try Dive = AED850
  • React Right First Aid Course = AED650 
  • 10x Free Pool access on our club nights!
  • 15% discount on courses and other perks!

Why Professional Membership make sense:

  • Dive Guide + Dive Master Course = AED2500++
  • Assistant Instructor Course = AED6000++

* With Premium Membership and only applicable for pool training.
** Minimum Age 18, Once you completed your Assistant Instructor Course you can bring your own customers and make money given you have a work agreement with The Dive Academy (We will provide you).
*** Minimum Age 18, SSI Assistant Instructors can independently teach Open Water Pool Session, with the exception of Emergency Accent Skills (ESA, EBA, Out of Air, Air Sharing Accent)
**** SSI Assistant Instructors can independently conduct some specialty training with already certified Open Water Students.