Real People, Real Diving

Most people that want to dive, have a simple goal in mind: To achieve the status of Open Water Diver. But what does that mean? Being an Open Water Divers in (theory) means you can plan and venture with your (equality of higher qualified) buddy into the beautiful underwater world and explore many places, wherever that place is; Dubai, Fujairah, The Red Sea or Maldives to name a few. But ask yourself this question? Are you properly trained to do these dives yourself? Do you have all the equipment, knowledge, skills, and confidence required to undertake this?

Unfortunately, often this is not the case

Which is really a shame, certainly if you already paid so much money for your initial training! 
We believe that everyone, with their buddy, should be confident and skilled to perform these dives autonomously and have a good understanding on what diving really is all about. Swimming behind a Dive Master is not the goal in our training. Our goal is to make you a competent diver, with the confidence of diving everywhere in the world.

Does that mean we think diving with a Dive Guide or Dive Master is not a good idea? 

On the contrary! Dive Guides (and Dive Masters) often know the dive sites better than anyone else, meaning they know where the currents are or how to find that elusive fish, turtle or shark. They can often show us “The Good Stuff” and guide us over a wreck or reef. Dive Guides and Dive Masters however, should not be there to manage an Open Water certified diver because they are not capable.

This is why proper training is so important

Understanding how to be a competent Open Water Diver, will greatly improve your safety and fun underwater. We focus on comprehensive training and skill development to make sure your buoyancy is good, and that skills that normally get rushed to sign off that certification, are done properly. Instead of actively thinking about clearing your mask – Everyone hates that - it should be a passive skill, where confidence and practice make things easy and fun.

Planning on going on a liveaboard or dive vacation to explore deeper dive sites or shipwrecks) that require Advanced Training? 

We are here to assist! Explore one of our 28 Specialty and Advanced Training options. Anything from Advanced Wreck Diving to Deep Diver, Nitrox or even Rebreather Training can be facilitated. It all starts with Digital Learning, Academic sessions, Dry practice and proper briefings and real Open Water Dives. After each dive there is a proper video debrief and feedback moments to make sure you learn from your training.

We also offer club trips to Egypt, Sri Lanka and Italy to explore new destinations and experience fun. Contact us for more information.

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