About us

The Dive Academy

A training facility for new and experienced divers to enjoy learning SCUBA Diving in a controlled a safe environment. Specialized for children and adults that are interested in learning about SCUBA Diving (Open Water Courses) and continued education like marine life and conservation.

The idea behind The Dive Academy

The UAE is a tourist destination with many hotels offering diving services to its international clientele. Also, the local diving community (consisting of expats) is abundant, with many Dive Shops and Dive Centers that offer training. These training and activities mainly happen in the weekend where time is always factor. Training is often rushed resulting in divers that still require a lot of attention after they are signed off for their courses. Although some individuals will choose to gain experience, finding new locations to dive, This often results in a stop of education. Furthermore so, divers are treated as customers and not members. They visit the shop, check in, do their dive and after that, leave. Although there is nothing wrong with this, we at the Dive Academy believe we can offer additional value since we treat all our divers as members, that are always welcome for training. The goal is to create and cater divers that have the same mindset and goal: To become confident autonomous divers and essentially ambassadors of the sea, in a member-oriented club setting that will create a welcoming atmosphere for all levels and ages.

The Dive Academy is a licensed SSI Training Center offering a wide range of SCUBA Courses from Beginner to Advanced Training. The founding partner, Paul Emous is a SSI Recreational and Technical Instructor Trainer, with over a decade of experience in running and training dive centers in both the Middle East and Europe. We have male and female SSI Open Water instructors (ISO 24802-2 certified) that have extensive knowledge of teaching children and adults.

All our instructors including our Training Center have all the required documentation, including First Aid, Medicals, insurances, including professional liability insurances in line with the local UAE laws, rules and regulations as well as ISO international standards. We are registered with the Dubai Sports Council.

Our Team

Paul Emous, Founder & Instructor Trainer

Started diving in 2009 and fell in love with it. 10 years later he founded The Dive Academy in Europe and now is expanding his training passion in the Middle East. Actively teaches from Open Water to Technical Extend Range and instructors with passion.

Grecia Silva, CMO

Grecia Silva is our driving force when it comes to marketing and ventures into the deep when she can. Loves diving shallow reefs in search of fishes.

Harald Schmit, Treasury head & SSI Instructor

Started his early days filling scuba cylinders and guiding dives all the way back in 1992! SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor and engineering arm of the Dive Academy. Loves diving with his kid more than anything.

Mehdi Manai, SSI Instructor

Mehdi became an SSI Open Water Instructor in 2022 and loves teaching specialties.