Become a Mermaid with SSI
The First Mermaid Center in the GCC!

Become a Mermaid with SSI

Ever wanted to be a mermaid? Well, the wait is over! The Dive Academy is proud to offer the regions first Mermaid Program! Learn how to swim like a mermaid, in this truly unique experience. 

For who is mermaiding?

Mermaiding is for everyone that wants to have fun! Young or old! We offer the training and equipment required to make the most out of your experience. Our sessions consist of theory, discussing equipment used, as well as swimming techniques followed by fantastic in-water sessions where you have the choice of a female or male instructor that will teach you how to become confident and fully emerged with this awesome activity.

During each session we will make video and photos that will be provided to you. Perfect for instagram 😊

Promotional Course

The Dive Academy will be running a special 4-day evening program from 15 to 18 of August to Promote the course at a SPECIAL introductory price of AED750!

Mermaid Instructor

We are looking for ladies that want to teach this amazing activity! Learn to teach, have fun, and make money with it! 

Instructor Courses start from AED2250 and after successful completion have the possibility to become part of our team.