Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions about The Dive Academy

No, it's all correct. Mouse Media FZE hosts our booking platform, including this website. So once a course is booked and paid, Mouse Media FZE sends the receipt, this is for accounting / billing purposes. Nothing to worry about. This is all correct and legit.

Mouse Media FZE hosts our booking platform, including this website. So once a course is booked and paid, Mouse Media FZE sends the receipt, this is for accounting / billing purposes. Nothing to worry about. This is all correct and legit.

We focus on you, the student, and want you to become a good diver. This can only be done with dedicated and high quality training. This takes time and therefore becomes inherently more expensive. 

This depends from student to student and the level you want to achieve. If you are interested in refreshing your skills or get ready for a next course, we can book you in for a pool session to see where your skill level is and will provide honest and fair feedback using comprehensive video debriefing. Based on this we can make a personal plan for further development. For more info on this please contact us.

Prices on our website are inclusive of VAT. Entry level courses like the Open Water Diver Course and Specialty Courses, include everything, meaning pool, and open water dives, as well as equipment. For Extended Range Courses (Technical Diving), the structure is different. Since these are very demanding courses, some students need more training dives to complete the course. What is included in these courses is all the academic sessions, the pool sessions (multiple if required) as well as thorough video debriefing with the goal to make you better. The Open Water portion of theses courses as well as required gas, and other consumables like Sofnolime are charged separately. You can either pay them directly at the dive center of your choice, or discuss a dive package with us.

We hear this alot. So don't worry your comment is valid. Unfortunately the diving industry suffers from serious price wars that result in rushed training. We believe that proper training takes time. Once a student experiences our training methods, whether it is an academic session or an open water diving session, they understand the difference and why we charge our fees.

If you are still not sure? Don't worry. Why not just book a pool session with us to get an idea of what we do, and how we do it.

No, we are not! Instead, we are a SSI Diving School. A SSI Diving School focuses on training rather than retail and facilitating daily dive trips. We partnered up with different centers in the UAE and Oman, as well as in Egypt, Sri Lanka and Italy to conduct the Open Water part of the diving. 

No. Although some of our instructors are (or started as) PADI Instructors, we believe the SSI Education System makes more sense when it comes to training divers. Therefore we are a dedicated SSI Training Facility. Both SSI and PADI Open Water Diver Courses are ISO Certifications, meaning they have similar levels and therefor if you can continue your education without doing the Open Water course again. Same works for (most) technical courses.

We will provide you with real SSI Diving Certifications once you completed your training. Our SSI Open Water Courses are ISO 24801-2 and these certifications are accepted over the entire world.

Questions SSI Training and Registration

Scuba Schools International (SSI) was established in 1970 with the vision of making it possible for anyone to learn how to dive safely. Today, SSI is the world’s largest professional business-based training agency, with 3,500+ Training Centers and over 100,000 SSI Professionals in 150+ countries.

For over 50 years, SSI has provided high-quality training programs and materials for Recreational Scuba, Extended Range, Freediving, Mermaid, Swim, and Lifeguard programs from beginner to Instructor Trainer levels. With digital and printed materials available in more than 40 languages in over 3,500 international SSI Training Center and Resort locations, SSI enables people to experience the underwater world across the globe.

Simply by clicking this link, you will be directed to the SSI website. Here you can provide your basic information, so an account is created and courses can be issued to your account.

The SSI website allows you to login to your MySSI account. There you will have access to all your training materials and certifications and other documents like waivers and medical. The same login details can be used in the My SSI App if you prefer to do the training on your tablet or phone.

No problem. You can download the MySSI App on your Android or iPhone as well as your tablet. Once you logged in and loaded the program, you can study without being connected to the internet.

Yes and no. Let us explain: Once a course is bought the goal is to finish it within 6 months as of the start of your course. Longer then that and we believe your training is not effective. If this happens you need to book a refresher. However, all SSI Materials are available for life. Meaning you can always login and look at the materials. Also, if - for whatever reason - you decide to take a break, your course will not disappear. You bought it, so it's yours. You can also start a course with us and finish your course at another SSI Training Center.

The Dive Academy Training & Scheduling

Here you can find an overview of our training. You can also go directly into our shop and purchase a course you like to do. Once you completed your purchase, you can book training with us using our Appointment page. Alternatively you can send a request on our contact us page.

We are open from 08:00 till 22:00 every day. However pool sessions need to be prepared in advance. So please use our Appointment page or send us a request on our contact us page.

Swimwear and a towel is in theory enough. However we strongly advise people that want to learn to Scuba Dive to have at least the following equipment:

  • a good mask that fits you comfortably
  • Open heel fins (like Apeks RK3 or ScubaPro Jetfins) + Boots.
  • Exposure suit, appropriate for diving in the UAE (3mm ~ 5mm in the winter)
  • Rash guard for diving in the summer.

We can help you get this equipment, though some of the retail shops in Dubai / UAE.

Yes you can. We rent out: 

  • Aqualung BCDs (Jacket Style)
  • Dirzone BC Wings + backplate (= Modern Style / Technical) 
  • Aqualung Legend Regulators (Yoke)
  • Apeks DS4 Regulators (DIN 5/8")
  • Shearwater Dive Computers
  • Ammonite Diving Lights / Torches 
  • Cylinders (S80, Twinsets, 7L Aluminium)
  • Deco Regulators (Oxygen Cleaned)
  • Rebreathers (JJ CCR and Mares Horizon SCR) 

In the entry level courses (like Open Water Divers Course), the required equipment is provided. We can also can provide wetsuits, Fins and Masks, but we strongly suggest you get your own. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Training starts on your allocated time slot so please be on time. We strongly suggest being at the location, 20 minutes before your training session starts, at the discussed location, to get the most out of your session. Your instructor will communicated any specifics if required.

Our training Pool is fresh water, and a comfortable 28 degrees celsius. We recommend to wear a rashguard or 3mm suit.

Open Water temperatures in Dubai or Fujairah vary from 34 degrees celsius on the summer to 22 degrees celsius in the winter.