SSI Extended Range 

Among many good reasons why we chose SSI for our trainings, one of the main reason is the fantastic digital learning materials, that are available for Technical Courses (Extended Range). Although Technical Diving has been around since the early 1990, advancements of understanding in dive theory and decompression theory are still being made. SSI, with its digital offering, and close involvement with ISO recertification requirements, WRSTC, RESA and leading researcher in the diving industry actively works on making technical diving not only safer, but also better understood.

Technical Diving is referred to the "Dark Side of diving" for a few reasons. Firstly (probably the most correct one), is that deeper dives are more dark. There are also other reasons: Like its more expensive; Technical divers form their own little group and distance themselves from "normal" divers; Or, Technical diving is more "dangerous" than recreational diving. We believe that with proper training, risk them be greatly reduced, all in a friendly and open "Just Culture" environment.

MT Haven CCR Technical Extended Range

Extended Range Training

During our courses we dive deep into the decompression theory to create a solid understanding how to conduct a decompression dive (Dive Planning) and how to handle gas calculation (SAC Rate / RMV), Rule of Thirds, Minimum Gas, Decompression Procedures etc. Even if things don't go as initially planned, Our students and technical divers will be able to independently create plans, including well understood backup plans. With the introduction of reliable dive computers everyone talks about "TTS" and "Gradient Factors" but what do they mean and what do exactly they do and how do they apply to your diving?

Do you really need Trimix? Why? What about gas narcoses? Sinds recent years "Gas Density" has become an important topic of discussion. All of this is explained in detail to ultimately enhance you as a diver. 

Different Pathways to Explore - Open Circuit, Semi Closed Rebreather, or Closed Circuit Rebreather.

SCR Diving / ER

AED 4000

Starting from
  • Mares Horizon SCR
  • SCR is a gas extender
  • 25 minutes of Deco
  • Maximum Depth 40m



Starting from
  • Twinset or Side Mount 
  • 1 Decompression Stage
  • 25 minutes of Deco
  • Maximum Depth 45m



Starting from
  • Twinset or Side Mount 
  • 2 Decompression Stage
  • Unlimited Deco
  • Maximum Depth 60m

CCR Diving / ER


Starting from
  • JJ CCR Rebreather
  • 1 Bailout Cylinder
  • 25 minutes of Deco
  • Maximum Depth 45m

Extended Range Prerequisites

Extended Range prerequisites are the absolute minimum requirements for any diver who wishes to participate in any XR (Extended Range) Program. The last prerequisites can be found in the SSI Extended Range Standards, available for any registered individual on the website or the MySSI App.

Equipment Swim

  • A 400-meter surface swim while wearing a Total Diving System and stage cylinder(s) applicable to their specific program.

Underwater Swim

  • Swim underwater for 25 meters using a mask, fins and snorkel.

Diver Rescue

  • Perform a full, unconscious-diver-on-the-surface rescue with a total distance of 100 meters within eight (8) minutes. Both divers must use a Total Diving System applicable to their specific program.